Lessons About Life, Love, Hate and the Human Experience

Dr. Chebem Felix Ifeanyi Egerue

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Lessons about Life, Love, Hate, and Human Experience is a collection of short essays on overcoming difficulties in life. Many of these essays emphasize self-reliance, with titles like “Believe in Yourself” and “Your Life Is in Your Own Hands.” Others stress the importance of relying on God, such as “The Will of God for Me” and “Why We Must Bring in Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Chebum Felix ifeanyi Egerue quotes literature, as well as numerous historical and contemporary figures in his book. The wide mix of voices includes Christian, Eastern, and New Thought sources such as Mother Teresa, Wayne Dyer, Henry David Thoreau, Buddha, Cardinal Newman, the Koran, the Bible, the Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, Pope John Paul II, Kirbyjon Caldwell, and Eileen Caddy.

Nuggets can be mined from this approach, but instead of strengthening the writing, the use of so many resources may leave the reader confused. At times, it is difficult to determine what is a direct or paraphrased quote and what is Egerue’s original material. Another issue may be a lack of proper crediting of his sources. For example, a sentence on page 71 reads, “For a religion that does nothing, that gives nothing, that costs nothing, that suffers nothing–is worth nothing.” Remove the phrase, “that does nothing,” and the sentence is from Martin Luther, yet Luther is not referenced.

Misspellings, errors in punctuation, and the inconsistent and often unconventional methods of loosely attributed quotations also contribute to the reader’s uncertainty of source. Further, the book does not have an accompanying resource page to provide full reference information beyond in-text notations.

While Egerue’s writing reflects a well-read man, the many problems with his work make it unlikely that his book will find wide appeal.

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