Joie de Vivre: The Formula to Enjoyment of Life

Alain Rheault

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This slim volume offers advice about living life to the fullest. Think of it as a simplistic version of The Power of Positive Thinking or even the controversial book The Secret.

The author begins his book as if giving a speech. “You can enjoy life and be happy. That is your choice,” he writes. “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Alain D. Rheault.“

From there, Rheault proceeds to offer a parcel of overly familiar advice, loading up his narrative with well-worn expressions such as “smell the flowers“ and “what goes around comes around,” repeated in endless combinations and different words: “Take time to make every moment count”; “think of what you want and go for it”; “if you say you are going to do something, do it.”

Beyond offering such tired platitudes, the book’s major problem is that the author hopes to inspire readers without revealing much about himself. What kind of adversity has he overcome? What led him to his philosophy of life? Instead, the reader is treated to a few ho-hum facts, such as how he attends church with his mother every Sunday and how he helped her build a deck, both of which are a springboard to more personal philosophy: “Every mom is a supermom and every dad is a superdad. You know that your parents did a lot just to make sure you were well-fed and warm…Is it so hard to hug them and tell them you love them?”

The author’s naiveté could be endearing, but it quickly wears out its welcome as it becomes clear that Rheault has few fresh ideas to impart on a subject that has been handled often and more effectively by others. As a result, his well-intentioned book never gets off the ground.

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