Inspirational Transformation

Suvuku Lukumay

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Inspirational Transformation offers a rare and intriguing foray into the life and spiritual journey of a Maasai shepherd boy raised in a large, polygamist family in Tanzania.

Suvuku Lukumay’s life direction changed radically when he understood the true meaning of being “born again” (a spiritual rebirth through repentance of sin and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord) and then allowed the Holy Spirit to transform his mind. Rejecting the path he was on, which was paved with governmental greed and corruption, he turned his efforts toward improving the lives of his fellow Tanzanians with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His heartfelt goal is to convince all people, but especially his countrymen, that true change for the good can only come through restoration of man’s relationship to God.

A distracting difficulty with Lukumay’s book is its shortage of “white space.” Many paragraphs are several pages long, such as what one would find in a textbook. Also distracting are his segues into political commentary and whistle-blowing, using his personal Christian testimony as a platform for exposé. Perhaps this format is acceptable in his native Tanzania, but it comes across as manipulative here.

The book is aptly titled. The author’s story is inspirational, and his life truly has been transformed from its humble beginnings to one of great purpose for God’s Kingdom. He and his wife are currently constructing and developing a Christian school, as they believe the youth of their nation are ready to embrace the Gospel.

Although the book’s core message to readers reflects that of many contemporary testimony books, the fact that it is cast in an atypical setting makes the book an interesting read. Those who can overlook the book’s flaws will find much to consider.

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