In Love with a Stranger: Testimony of the Heart

Marija Matic

Publisher: Xlibris Pages: 94 Price: (paperback) $34.49 ISBN: 9781984500601 Reviewed: October, 2018 Author Website: Visit »

This collection of first-person, free-verse poems explores intangible aspects of love, using emotions and illustrations to guide readers through the author’s testimony of an all-consuming passion toward a stranger she’s never physically met.

The focus of her adoration is referred to as G. H. Eagle Spirit, who at times seems like a Native American man, and at other times like God, the universe, Mother Nature, or life itself. Colorful photo illustrations accompanying the poems depict a lone woman or a man with a woman, in addition to nature photographs. More than 30 poems are contained in the first 69 pages of this oversized book.

On page 70, the book shifts to presenting G.H. Eagle Spirit’s perceived responses that encourage patience, each titled “Note from a Stranger.” The author responds with pieces titled “Love Note,” and then he again responds with untitled platitudes that are illustrated with photographs of eagles and owls. The author concludes with “Feeling Thoughts.”

These changing points of view and writing styles, combined with the blending of literal and figurative references, can be confusing, making it difficult to discern the author’s intention. Additionally, the poetry’s dreamlike style expresses abstract emotions that seem cliché, rather than gripping and specific: For example: “The way I love you / Is beyond any logic / It’s the way of emotions / I can’t control / Every time I think of you / It’s the creation of something new / More beautiful than before.” G. H. Eagle Spirit’s responses are equally non-specific: “Open your eyes, look around you, and see how beautiful and radiant nature is…” Overall, the work lacks the startling and fresh details that would more fully engage readers’ senses.

In Love with a Stranger’s greatest appeal will be to those who relate to an all-consuming passionate love for someone they’ve never met and are drawn to light, inspirational verse. Those looking for accomplished contemporary poetry would do best to look elsewhere.

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