I Am…I Said

Harold "Hal" A. Corzine

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During his 33 years of federal service as an expert in meteorology, Harold “Hal” A. Corzine traveled far and wide sharing his deep knowledge on observing and forecasting the weather. Yet because of his busy schedule, his three children grew up knowing little about his own childhood, work and life experiences. This autobiography fills that void in a simple chronological manner, save for occasional asides on topics ranging from racial prejudices he witnessed to his social life with his Puerto Rican wife, Alice.

Corzine, who was born in 1932 and grew up in the small farm town of Wayne, NE, embeds historical details into the time periods of his life while discussing his rise through the ranks of meteorology, seeking advanced degrees and taking on increasingly more complex work in weather research, culminating in his rise to editor of the Monthly Weather Review, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s research periodical. Occasionally, the author slips into somewhat obscure scientific lingo. For example: “Simply put, Dr. Essenwanger used orthogonal polynomials to describe the height contours on 500-millibar constant pressure charts.”

Much of the book dwells on Corzine’s fond memories and amusing recollections regarding friends, fellow students, teachers and colleagues, along with detailed information on weather forecasting and is devoid of the tension or excitement one might expect to read from someone so well-versed in the weather’s darker, more destructive side. While well-written as a straight-forward account of the author’s life, the book lacks the narrative power to attract a mass audience and is likely to appeal only to family and colleagues.

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