How to Survive the Coming Retirement Storm

Robert Margetic

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As current as a 2011 issue of Smart Money magazine, yet deserving of a spot on the shelf alongside other treasured reference books, financial advisor Robert Margetic’s How To Survive the Coming Retirement Storm, describes in sobering detail the “retirement storm” that is already upon us. Major changes in taxation, health care, Social Security, inflationary risk and investment security are a certainty.

But by utilizing prudent and up-to-date guidance, a successful retirement is still well within grasp, the author maintains. “The new retirement is a marathon,” Margetic writes. “The race is not over the moment you retire. You’re just getting started and there are many laps to go.”

Margetic’s book goes well beyond the importance of measuring investment performance. There’s much more to getting ready for retirement than just saving enough money, he notes. Encouraging the reader to make a “mental video” of ideal retirement, he charts a path — using simple diagrams, mnemonic devices and personal assessments — to managing the crucial balance between income sources and lifestyle expenses. Social life, health, long-term care and estate issues are dealt with separately, but also inter-connectedly with finances, in a way that shows how a reader can navigate the volatility we already encounter, with more sure to come.

If Margetic’s writing seems repetitive at times, which it is, it’s more along the lines of a high school teacher drilling important lessons into a student who may not yet realize their import. You can’t be exposed to some of these hard-to-grasp financial concepts too many times when your well being for decades into the future is at stake.

Margetic has delivered a well-written, well-organized book of advice on how to successfully leave the workforce in today’s recessionary landscape. For someone contemplating retirement, or already in its midst, this guidebook is a valuable source of counsel, and will be for years to come.

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