How to Break Writer’s Block Today and Where To Get Ideas

N. M. Beguesse

Publisher: CreateSpace Pages: 96 Price: (paperback) $12 ISBN: 978-1546349747 Reviewed: July, 2017

In this slim, breezy read, N.M. Beguesse addresses writers who find themselves stuck, aiming to awaken the joy they bring to the task.

Beguesse begins by reframing writer’s block as a “misdirection of your playful energy,” which she defines as the “inner child.” Great writing, she says, is the outcome of the inner child “working behind the scenes” with a self-editor who plays the role of a wise man watching over our creativity.

To coax out the inner child, the author asserts, we must first understand the power of storytelling. Beguesse’s examples are interesting. For example, she notes singer Adele’s intuitive sense that a song-in-the-making will be a hit when it makes her cry. “You’ll know your story is good enough,” Beguesse pens, “when the very idea of writing quickens your pulse and your body moves on its own to continue writing.”

Beguesse advises readers to do one of two things to ensure their enthusiasm for writing, therefore avoiding writer’s block: Get rid of distractions or rewrite the story to make it more interesting so that it will keep your attention.

The book’s second part is devoted to where to get ideas. The author suggests that being in touch with emotion is key. “Reading, watching, and practicing emotions are an essential part of the idea hunt. I urge you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace whatever moves you.”

The author’s enthusiasm for writing is the book’s greatest strength. Some might wish, however, for more concrete suggestions, particularly when it comes to getting ideas; it would have helped, for instance, if she recalled a few catalysts that prompted her own story concepts. And regarding conquering writer’s block, more detailed ideas on how to banish distractions would also have been appreciated.

While it’s not a cure-all for writing ills, How to Break Writer’s Block Today is an easy, one-sitting read and motivational tool. New writers, especially, are likely to find the author’s passion contagious.

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