Hotel Romance

Sandie Thomas

Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 351 Price: (paperback) $20.95 ISBN: 9780595435913 Reviewed: November, 2012 Author Website: Visit »

When Rafe Marshall’s wife, Ellen, committed suicide, he was left to raise their beautiful daughter. He is fortunate to have the help of his mother, Oma, and his two brothers, Dale and Zane. Together, the three brothers have a successful luxury hotel business.

Section one focuses on Rafe. Though Rafe loves his daughter more than anything and is happy in his life, he still feels that a piece of him is missing. Then, Jane Crenshaw walks in to his life.

Jane is beautiful, smart, kind, and sexy. Rafe is immediately smitten, and theirs is a heartwarming and whirlwind romance, complete with a beautifully unconventional marriage proposal that brings tears to the reader’s eyes. Sandie Thomas has a knack for writing love scenes that are sensual without being over the top. The author also manages to take the plot beyond romance. One of Jane’s friends commits a murder and, later in the story, Jane is kidnapped with Rafe’s daughter. Thomas provides just enough action and conflict to keep the story interesting.

As the story continues, it unites more lovers: Jane’s brother, Griffin, becomes smitten with the damaged and haunted Sara Beth. He gently convinces her of his love, and promises to keep her safe from her demons.

The second section of the book centers on Rafe’s brothers, Dale and Zane. Both men are able to find love, each in their own time. Though both beautiful love stories in their own right, towards book’s end, the stories become a bit repetitive, as each pair unites in similar, “love at first sight” kinds of attractions. This section would, perhaps, be better as a stand-alone book, a sequel to Rafe and Jane’s story.

Despite such considerations, Hotel Romance is a thoughtfully written contemporary romance, complete with heartwarming love stories, happily-ever-afters, strong female characters — and enough hot and handsome romantic heroes to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

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