Holy Spirit Mystifying Spirits

Carol Pitts

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As stated by author Carol Pitts, this short volume of biblical scriptures and accompanying original art (mostly digital) is “God’s Word in picture form.” She aims to provide a stimulus to explore and ponder divinely inspired art as a means of meditation, worship, and inspiration.

The book contains 15 two-page spreads with the graphic on the right and a scripture verse from the King James Bible on the left. In addition to the verse, the author offers brief insights into the accompanying art. (For example, one page features the depiction of an eagle with a lamb nestled in its wings. On the opposite page, under the scripture from Revelation 11:19, the author writes: “The eagle represents the Father,” and “The Lamb represents the Son.”)  Sometimes, Pitts states that a particular piece is a “Word of knowledge” (a prophecy or a divine interpretation of scripture). The book ends with a poem titled “A Caterpillar’s Dream” adjacent to an unusual and captivating graphic of a woman with hair of butterflies.

Pitts’ art is vibrantly colored and engaging, often invoking imagery of birds, especially eagles, and animals. While the illustrations are generally well considered, occasionally, the author’s guidance in interpreting the art strays outside biblical traditions (e.g., this comment about an illustration of an angelfish: “If you have the Holy Spirit you are an Angel fish not just a plain fish!”)

The text, unfortunately, suffers from copyediting errors. Some of the scriptures are transcribed with word errors, omission of words, and incorrect punctuation. There are also inconsistencies and errors in punctuation, capitalization, etc. in the rest of the text, giving the project an unpolished feel.

Nevertheless, Christians looking for something “out-of-the-box” to stimulate their devotional time or who need a refreshing interlude in the midst of busyness may enjoy spending time with Holy Spirit Mystifying Scriptures. The author encourages readers to meditate on the art and find their own accompanying Bible verses that reveal the heart of God.

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