Heal Yourself

P,K. Nesbit

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P.K. Nesbit was born in Prague, Czech Republic. Excelling in gymnastics, he studied sports, moving to Sweden and eventually to the U. S., where he earned an MS degree in physical education and psychology. Since 2000, he has devoted himself to translating A Course in Miracles into the Czech language.

Indeed, Heal Yourself is a commentary on that bestseller. Like A Course, Nesbit’s book presents a monistic worldview, while rejecting “duality of power,” the notion that life has polarities and opposites, such as pleasure and pain, good and evil, and even life and death. Nesbit writes, “The Dualistic Thought System is based upon the belief that everything is fragmented and separated from everything else by space and time. You were ‘born’ to be a physical body. What is outside you is not part of you but has an effect on you.”

The “Thought System of Oneness,” on the other hand, “is based upon the belief that everything in eternity is in harmony. It is perfectly united. . . The Thought System of Oneness does not include sickness because sickness does not exist in Perfection. In Oneness, there is also no death because eternal Life excludes death.” Everything in the book is a spin-off of these principles — an expression of the old mind-over-matter notion that “there is no power anywhere that you do not have.” As such, it deifies the self.

Nesbit frequently brings Jesus Christ into his discussion, but it is not the biblical Christ, who died for the sins of the entire word: “Jesus did not have to die for you,” he writes, “because you were created perfect.”

Heal Yourself is easy to read and user-friendly. It is divided into ten chapters with 157 subsections, making it simple to move through the book. For those who deny the reality of sickness, sin, and evil, Heal Yourself may help fortify that belief. For others, it can serve as an interesting look into this monistic worldview.

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