God’s Prosperity

Michaela Cooke

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In God’s Prosperity, author Michaela Cooke, a homemaker and mother who home-schools her children, aims to add to the plethora of Christian teachings on prosperity. Giving full credit to the Holy Spirit as the inspiration and guide for her writings, Cooke explains the biblical principles on receiving God’s promises and blessings concerning wealth, health, and happiness.

Cooke leans heavily on Old and New Testament Scriptures to lay the foundation for her main points. Based on carefully selected passages, she concludes that earthly prosperity is a direct result of:

  • Knowing the Bible
  • Obeying what the Bible says (being “doers of the Word”)
  • Believing in the prosperity-related promises
  • Meditating and studying to become rooted in the Scriptures
  • Stopping sinful behaviors by “doing the Fruits of the Spirit”
  • Practicing forgiveness

Cooke is adamant that “He (Jesus) does not set us free from our blame or guilt unless we do God’s law.” She offers several illustrative examples of how this works in daily life.

While the author’s tone is sincere and conversational, the style and formatting of the book suffer from excessive use of improper or unnecessary capitalizations for emphasis and bold and italic fonts, as well as numerous punctuation and grammar problems.

In addition, the author’s stringent position that the Bible is the sole source of “God’s revelation knowledge” regarding prosperity for any individual disregards the vast majority of global believers who have little or no access to a Bible and rely on other forms of divine intervention (miracles, teaching from missionaries, visions, etc.). Perhaps she could have noted that she was addressing the Western church.

The book’s legalistic “work-based” bent — one that doesn’t give weight to the grace-filled life of freedom that Jesus preached — may limit its appeal. Still, its biblical research is strong and should prove valuable to anyone interested in what the Bible says about prospering financially.

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