God’s Advice to the Nations of the World: How to Overcome Depression; How to Be a Good Parent; How to Deal with Pollution

Rev. Michael Walker

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In God’s Advice to the Nations of the World, Reverend Michael Walker encourages readers to seek biblical answers to problems with depression, parenting and the care of our planet.

In this brief book, Walker explores three unrelated issues and encourages readers to “return to the old ways of following God’s Word so that he can help us.” For those battling depression, Walker points to Jesus and the psalms of King David as examples to emulate, stating, “If the Creator of the world as a human could feel depression we should learn how he overcame it.” His parenting advice calls for training children in Christian morality and challenges fathers to take responsibility for their “vital role in the home.”

Walker concludes with a thin discussion of pollution, arguing that God “instructed [Adam] to keep the garden-his home, clean and tidy.” However, he quickly veers off onto an unannounced tour of his personal ideas for societal reforms in London, including infrastructure, the National Health Service, terrorism and protection for cyclists.

With 40 years of Christian ministry behind him, Walker is undoubtedly qualified to offer advice, but the mechanics of his book hinder its usefulness. Walker suggests reading it “over, and over again…[to] receive the full benefit.” Unfortunately, poor grammar, excessive typographical errors and the disjointed nature of the material’s presentation make this improbable.

Additionally, long Scripture passages take up precious space and often outweigh Walker’s commentary. Some fail to fit the topic altogether. For example, Walker quotes “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations” (Matt. 28:19) to prove that God intends Christians to lead a war on pollution, when, in context, the passage refers to teaching salvation through Jesus Christ.

Walker’s narrative is a decent beginning to what should more likely be three separate booklets. Based on the wide range of ideas presented, it’s difficult to determine a target audience for this book.

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