God Is Within Us All: A Message Of Illumination

Paul Brewster

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Paul Brewster’s God is Within Us All is a thoughtful meditation on the nature of mankind’s yearning for a deeper level of spiritual (and life) experience. Greatly influenced by Glenda E. Green’s Love Without End and A Course in Miracles (both deal with the contemporary revelations of Jesus), the author explores a number of interesting topics, including lucid dreaming, the possible mystical properties of DNA, quantum physics, reincarnation, Edgar Cayce, numerology, the Holy Spirit and Western Christian history.

What can we learn from all of these seemingly unrelated exoteric and esoteric ideas? A lot, Brewster would argue, including clues to the limitations and psychology of the Ego (or the mind), which once grasped, will ultimately lead us to a new level of awareness. Citing one of his favorite books, Brewster writes: “True perception in A Course in Miracles is referred to as ‘The Innocent Perception.” We learn here that the innocence of God is the true state of the mind of His Son. Jesus is referred to as “the lamb of God” because, when correctly understood, it is a symbol that speaks of his innocence.” It is also a symbol that, if fully embraced by humanity, will lead to new birth and Christ Consciousness (or a state of higher spiritual and emotional evolution).

Brewster is knowledgeable and his work has potential, but there are a few factors holding it back. First, there are so many ideas in these pages that it can often be hard to keep up – for instance the sections on Kryon and the multidimensional layers of DNA which can be, to say the least, quite dense. Readers need time to breathe before moving on to the next idea. Second, the book is in deep need of a professional editor to help shape the material and an expert copyeditor to catch the many typographical and grammatical errors throughout. As a result, though Brewster shows promise, there’s much work to be done before the book will appeal to a wide audience.

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