God Inspired Quotations and Understandings

Stanley D. Rainbow

Publisher: PageTurner Press and Media Pages: 28 Price: (paperback) $6.99 ISBN: 9781643767666 Reviewed: July, 2020 Author Website: Visit »

Looking to uplift spiritual readers and help them discern the will of God in their lives, Stanley D. Rainbow’s God Inspired Quotations and Understandings offers a series of pithy quotes to help “inspire the…world.”

While only 28 pages, the book covers several subjects and themes. Topics range from essential advice on living a happy life to the importance of faith and belief in mental health to the struggles between good and evil to God’s ultimate greatness. Examples include: “Believe in God—he will always provide”; “Hatred hurts—kindness cures”; and “Start your day with laughter—for it will bring warmth and happiness.” Each axiom is presented alongside an explanation to help expand the author’s ideas (“For us to be good humans we must show our goodness to others”).

The author’s messages of hope, peace, and healing arrive at a critical time as the world struggles with pandemic and social unrest; his desire to help others is apparent as he reminds readers to “think carefully” and “to be observant” to grow closer to God.

Unfortunately, Rainbow undermines his good intentions with several awkward lines, odd sentence structures, and grammatical errors that distract from his simple reassurance of the need for faith and love in daily life. Examples include: “To feel success – is when you have done it the best of your ability” and, “There is always a thin line between being sane or insane as a person we do not get a paper to say to which we are”).

It’s clear the author is looking to help readers lead more centered lives. This goal is admirable, but his prose needs revision before its message of faith in a better tomorrow can attract a wide audience.

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