Freddie Takes Daisy for a Walk

Diana S. Duncan

Publisher: Partridge Pages: 29 Price: (paperback) $21.18 ISBN: 9781482880458 Reviewed: February, 2017 Author Website: Visit »

Freddie takes Daisy for a Walk is a heartfelt story about a serious girl who learns a lesson in fun from her gregarious family dog.

The story is told in smoothly flowing rhyming verses. As it begins, Daisy’s father worries that she spends too much time reading, doing homework, and worrying over her appearance. When she admits that she’s sometimes lonely, he encourages her to try new things and make new friends.

This feels easier said than done—until Daisy takes Freddie, the family dog, out for a walk. Freddie leads Daisy on an adventure through their neighborhood, chasing ducks, lazing in the sun, and enjoying the playground. By the end of the day, Daisy realizes that there’s a world full of people and beautiful things she hasn’t fully appreciated. She reflects on this with her parents, noting that while it’s important to try hard at school, it’s equally important to have fun.

This story seems especially relevant today, when adults and children alike feel pressured to excel. The book’s snappy pace and likable characters fit its theme well, quickly drawing readers into the action, and the charming illustrations are professional quality (although the informal font lends a somewhat amateurish look to the book).

Curiously, Daisy doesn’t actually talk to any kids her age, and she spends most of her day chasing Freddie rather than learning how explore for herself; some readers might wish such elements had been included. In addition, the rhyme scheme and story feel most appropriate for very early readers, but words such as “wayward” and “disdain” might be difficult for this audience.

Despite such issues, Freddie takes Daisy for a Walk is a pleasant story with an engaging premise and important message. It would make a worthy addition to the shelves of any budding bookworm.

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