Forget Not All His Benefits

Darrell Stevens

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In this series of short reflections, Darrell Stevens offer readers a refresher course on some of the basic tenets of Christianity.

Although Forget Not All His Benefits could be categorized under Christian apologetics, the author isn’t interested in offering evidence of God’s existence. As he writes, “All you have to do is look around the planet and the skies above us to be able to figure that one out.” Rather, he is looking to bring all of us “back into fellowship with the Father.”

Focusing primarily on the importance of having a strong faith and solid belief in God’s loving power to guide our lives, Stevens wants readers to know that God is not a distant God—not an old man with a long beard who easily passes judgment on individuals. He’s a God of love and righteousness. When you put God first in all things, align your desires with God’s will, and pray regularly, Stevens contends, “You start to see things happen in your life…You start getting answers to prayers.”

Stevens is an exuberant teacher and his strong faith shines through. As a writer, his heart is in the right place, looking to uplift the masses and remind them that with God all things are possible.

The narrative, however, is in need of editing. While the author’s informal prose style can at times be easy to read and understand, too often his ideas are marred by disjointed sentences and improper grammar (e.g. “God so loved that he gave, ‘WOW’ so that whomever can come.”; “Jesus Christ conquered over all temptation in his life with the Word of God that he knew, and by what God revealed to him.”; and “How many are their [sic], and how many do you need?”). Such issues significantly detract from the author’s message.

Although in need of extensive polishing, the heart behind this book burns brightly. With revision, Stevens’ ideas could make for a helpful spiritual companion for Christian seekers.

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