Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers

Kasey Compton

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Too many entrepreneurs are just “working to work” without making real progress, writes entrepreneur and mental health therapist Kasey Compton. In Fix This Next for Healthcare Providers, she urges her readers—healthcare professionals who own their own businesses— to focus on the single, vital fix that will help them grow.

This book is an extension of the Fix This Next brand developed by Mike Michalowicz (who contributed the foreword). The author herself was floundering until she attended one of Michalowicz’s workshops, was convinced, and became a certified advisor. She then grew her startup practice into a multi-specialty practice with over 100 employees in nine locations.

Compton developed Michalowicz’s Business Hierarchy of Needs (BHN) into a Healthcare Hierarchy of Needs (HHN) specifically for the book. Her HHN echoes Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and focuses frazzled small business owners—who are trying to do everything from order office toilet paper to design a brand—on sales, profit, and “order” (efficiency). In a series of playfully-titled case studies (business challenges are dubbed “Presenting Symptoms”; fixes are “Treatment Plans”), she gives solid, concrete directions on how to make a business profitable, including worksheets and calculations.

“Treat your business like a patient,” she advises, and tells readers not to feel inferior if they don’t have MBAs; what they need instead, she says, is a system. The trick for entrepreneurs, who wear a multitude of hats, is to find the one major thing to fix that will lead to improvement, whether that’s patient retention or an out-of-date pricing structure.

Above all, she promises readers who stick to the system newfound freedom: time saved when they stop fiddling with the small stuff, and a business that can run without them while they live their own lives, on their own terms.

This highly-targeted business guide will provide sorely needed cheerleading and concrete guidance for weary healthcare entrepreneurs who want to take their practices to the next level.

Highly recommended for fans of Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, and David Allen

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