Father, Who Are You? Please Reveal Yourself to Me

Barbara Taylor

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Christian authors typically write eloquent solutions to the problems facing righteous living, but their answers often fall flat against the complexities of our individual circumstances. Barbara Taylor is a different breed. In Father, Who Are You? Taylor shares from her transparent, humble heart reflections on being a struggling wife, devoted mother and fearless missionary. She provides genuinely useful examples of living a life of simple faith.

From Taylor’s battles with her depressive ex-husband we learn that God helps us love the unlovable and live in forgiveness when those we cherish reject Christ in us and marry another. From her time in India ministering to lost souls, we witness God’s incredible strength move through Taylor’s frail form as she endures sickness and intense exhaustion. Taylor even shares embarrassing moments, such as lying to a bank teller to save a few minutes of her day, in order to show how yielding to the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit brings us to confession, repentance, and ultimately open communion with the Father again. Taylor’s imperfections encourage us to let God meet us where we’re at as we seek to genuinely know Him.

The stories in this book are not chronological and may better serve readers as a devotional. Taylor uses Scripture verses as a diving board, splashing into memories from her life. You never know what end of the pool she will land in, but you’re sure each jump will reveal some beautiful truth about the nature of our heavenly Father.

At first glance this book appeals to Christian women, yet Taylor’s insight into the problems that ended her marriage and her accounts of the cultural differences and extreme challenges she faced in India as a missionary make it an invaluable read for a larger audience as she shows us how to live out a life of faith, reaping the fruit of pure joy, peace, contentment and freedom.

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