Faith, Love and Sex

Somtochukwu Ume

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In a series of short, earnest meditations, 22-year-old Nigerian-born author and student Somtochukwu Ume examines a number of passages in the Bible in an effort to explore an issue that is dear to her heart: the practice of abstinence before marriage. Offering simple, sensible advice, she argues that people should let God be their pilot through life, even when sexual urges and desires seem to be uncontrollable.

Ume’s message is endearing. It’s apparent that she is writing this book for young people, many of whom, she points out, have to deal too early in life with broken hearts, abuse, unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Unfortunately, the ideas are hampered by their presentation. There are a number of problems with this book, including spelling mistakes, awkward phrasing (“Having faith will not make you to be problem free …”; “Faith and believe in the word of God …”) typos, grammatical errors and dropped ideas (the author says she will discuss anal sex and then doesn’t address its dangers or implications).

The most successful part of the book is a series of short aphorisms in Chapter 10, one-liners such as “Good looks are important but good character is much more important” that demonstrate wit and wisdom.

Among the flaws in Faith, Love and Sex, readers will find glowing embers that will help young people searching for direction through the tumultuous landscape of human sexuality and relationships. With the assistance of a seasoned editor and copy editor, Ume could create a concise, effective guide on abstinence.

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