Enterprise With Soul: Prosperity from Passion, Values and Purpose

Wendy Dumaresq

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Wendy Dumaresq’s Enterprise with Soul: Prosperity from Passion, Values and Purpose is a business-focused self-help book for individuals who want to build a business linked to their life purpose and goals. In the tradition of recently popular books like The Secret, Dumaresq highlights the importance of self-awareness, reflection, and dreaming big in achieving the business and personal life you want.

Her book walks readers through the eight stages of her Enterprise with Soul Program that explores how to identify your passions, define success, build a team, and develop the “brand of you.” In each chapter, Dumaresq provides a conceptual overview of the particular stage that leads into the chapter-ending “Activity Sheets.”

The basic but worthwhile questions presented in the Activity Sheets — such as “What is it that makes you feel good about yourself and may even contribute to others’ lives positively?” — are the real value of the book. Much of the overview content is mawkish, cliché, and vague. For example, writing about personal definitions of success, Dumaresq advises, “Money can help make situations more comfortable at times but cannot buy the lovely smile of your child when you spend time specifically with them.” An additional issue for readers is Dumaresq’s quizzical overuse of periods, underuse of commas, and other minor grammatical foibles.

While Dumaresq’s passion for the topic is palatable, this book provides little, if any, original content. Its concepts represent the most memorable content from pioneers in the holistic business field, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and Napoleon Hill, both of whom are quoted extensively. Dumaresq is not plagiarizing content; she is simply a well-read disciple of bestselling life-coaching gurus. She also follows in their footsteps by using her book as an elaborate advertisement for her website, services, and affiliate program.

Enterprise with Soul is only recommended for first-time readers of holistic business, as Dumaresq’s book provides little more than an effective introduction to the field’s general concepts and thought leaders.

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