Enter His Gates

Christina Corbitt

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Enter His Gates is a 365-day Christian devotional, written by Christina Corbitt, a minister’s wife. Each day begins with a Scripture verse, followed by a related lesson. A theme of trusting God unifies the book, while the individual devotional styles and formats vary day to day.

Some entries are Bible character monologues. For example, the entry for April 4 begins, “As I sit on the side of the road, people pass by without ever noticing my outstretched hand.” This is a first-person dramatic telling of the story of the leper healed by Jesus. By contrast, January 9 is a letter to the reader, creatively written as from God. Many other entries use the impersonal “we,” with generic anecdotes.

When Corbitt shares stories from her own life, she creates an emotional connection with the reader. On May 17, for example, Corbitt writes about her ministry of emailing “daily verses” (with commentary, evidently) to a few people in her church. She says, “It was scary because I’m not a writer. Yet I had to learn to trust Him and walk by faith, even when I couldn’t see…In sending each verse, I prayed for the Spirit to travel with it and work in ways I could not understand. There were days I hesitated to do a verse. I didn’t want to encourage others; I needed encouragement.” (Those emails became the foundation for Enter His Gates.) Her openness is engaging and encourages readers to trust in their own gifts and use them “to bless others and glorify our Lord.”

This book is a product of Corbitt’s heart and her obedience in encouraging others. While the varied formats of the entries may be jarring for those used to devotional books that display consistency among entries, Enter His Gates will provide much inspiration for readers who applaud creativity and variety.

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