Emotional Detox Through Bodywork: A Woman’s Guide to Healing and Awakening

Mal Weeraratne

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Mal Weeraratne, the first Certified Tantric Educator in the UK and founder of Tantric Journey School of Healing and Awakening, has spent decades treating “3,000 plus female clients”  for sexual trauma and reports that after treatment his “clients find themselves free of symptoms and discomfort.” This book is an exploration of Weeraratne’s methods and provides education on how trauma is held in the body, as well as offering practical tools for releasing traumatic holding.

Weeraratne describes the seven chakras, or energy centers, and their role in emotional health, including case studies corresponding with each chakra. He discusses male and female orgasm and offers exercises for improving orgasmic function. He also gives information on how bodywork is integral to the healing process, including a diverse list of further reading from credible experts in his field.

Unfortunately, throughout the text Weeraratne mentions a wide range of facts and statistics without citing sources, such as the prevalence of abuse victims in the UK, health problems caused by acidic pH, statistics on the female orgasm, and the benefits of a full body orgasm. He builds on the well-known trauma work of Dr. Peter Levine and the “body-armouring” concept of somatic pioneer Dr. Wilhelm Reich without bibliographical citation. Weeraratne reports that his clients are now living free of “negative patterns” and that “modern research reports back up these results,” without an explanation of what that research entails.

Since Weeraratne acknowledges that there is mainstream opposition to his approach, and even compares himself to Galileo in the revolutionary nature of his work, it’s unfortunate  he doesn’t do more to anchor his assertions in the research of other professionals and in quantifiable follow-up with his own clientele.

Women who have experienced sexual trauma or who are dissatisfied with their relational intimacy may find Weeraratne’s perspective informative, but given these omissions, they should use this text as a complement to, rather than substitute for counseling with a certified sex therapist or other provider.

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