E-mails to My Grandchildren

David Nagle (Grandpadavid)

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Though physically distant from his grandchildren during their formative years, David Nagle wanted to share the wisdom he had acquired in his decades of living. So he mentored them through a series of e-mails during their teens and early 20s as “grandpadavid.” This book compiles his personal musings, as well as his practical advice for living justly and physically well. Nagle says in his dedication: “You are what you are because of the choices you have made. Life is infinitely flexible. You can make new choices any time.”

Nagle, who spent three years in the Navy, worked in radio and television and had a successful career as a trial lawyer, writes intellectually and with passion when covering a wide range of topics, from ayurvedic healing concepts (an ancient Indian discipline) and tips for better sleep to understanding capitalism. Nagle discusses yoga asanas to stretch and strengthen the body, with supplemental how-to illustrations, while also touching on greed, language use, and evidence for past lives. He even includes a recipe for raw vegetable salad.

The book’s subject matter is well researched and clearly written, even when delving into deeper topics such as quantum mechanics and human cell biology. In reference to our ability to improve our ever-changing bodies, for example, he notes, “We replace nearly 100 percent of all the atoms and molecules that are the building blocks in our physical bodies each year.”

While the author himself admits to some repetition, this informative book offers life nuggets that could benefit a wide audience.

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