Dreams and the Accelerating Life

Youth the Writer

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This is the eighth installment to a series of slim books written by a former equity fund manager who, after being hospitalized for severe headaches, experienced a series of dreams. Writing under the pseudonym “Youth the Writer,” the author explores the messages he received in his dreams through a dialogue between a “Professor” and his student “Ace.” (While previous books described “the Accelerating Life” as a process by which students experience a time warp in which knowledge is quickly acquired, this volume uses the term but offers little background about what it means.)

The book begins with the Professor eager to get started. “Hello, Ace,” he says, “are you ready for more information?” Their subsequent interchange takes readers on a baffling journey through ideas of all kinds.

The book explores seven, wide-ranging dreams. Dream 1, for example, touches on how “participants” in a virtual world receive information through dreams. Dream 5 tells the story of a “religious tax collector” who devises a scheme in which women found guilty of witchcraft “must be sentenced to death by burning naked on a stick.” Dream 7 talks about how poor people in primitive times needed olive oil to moisturize their skin, yet only a few could afford it.

It’s difficult to understand the significance of these dreams and how they relate to one another. The writing is often nearly impossible to follow. At one point, for example, the Professor tells Ace: “Imagine the following: you have an important experience of learning at that point in time of the real life you like the students to learn from, yet this point in time took thousands of years of information to build up. This time of build-up is irrelevant to the students’ main learning point.” When Ace replies, “You lost me,” readers will feel his pain.

In sum, as with the rest of this series, this book will leave readers puzzled from the first page to the last.

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