Don’t Kill This Child

Andrew Robert

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The title Don’t Kill This Child sounds like it could be a suspense novel. However, Nigerian pastor Andrew Robert’s book of spiritual wisdom is an often erudite, clever guide about “birthing purpose.” As the author argues, “God deposited” in us a “gift,” which must be given life. To not do so is to commit a form of spiritual suicide.

In a series of essays that draw from scripture and look to stimulate and motivate, Robert examines the difficulties—such as shame, guilt, and self-consciousness—that many of us experience in our daily lives. As he notes, these insecurities are distractions that prevent us from putting our full trust in God. Of course, trust is often hard won: “We are often told about the beauty of the Promised Land without being told about the wilderness which needs to be crossed before we can reach and enter that Promised Land.” Robert covers a wide range of topics to help us cultivate a more faithful relationship with the Almighty, stressing the need for patience, commitment, and perseverance.

There are marks of brilliance here. Robert’s observation on the connection between debt, love, and faith is acute and revelatory. In a world where everyone owes someone something, he argues, our only true and spiritual debt is to owe love to one another.

There are also, unfortunately, moments of confusion born of awkward phrasing and poor grammar and punctuation, such as: “When we feel equipped with the ideas, knowledge, and strength to do exploit but the environment is at odds with this, yet with beckoning opportunities but seemingly unreachable, it burns like fire inside of us.” These are problematic, yet, this book is so compassionate, wise and loving that it’s possible to see beyond the letter to the spirit.

Those who can forgive the technical issues that abound here will find that Robert offers sound advice for seekers struggling to give voice to their true life’s song.

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