Dog Training for Managers

Douglas C. Morgan

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Dog Training for Managers, is a nonfiction book written for readers familiar with the business world. It offers a thorough and philosophical look at how to apply management strategies to dog training. The author reviews these strategies in detail, often independent of their specific application to canines, giving readers a solid background, as well as insight on how to improve their leadership skills in general.

The book contains three major sections: The first explains management terms and background information; the second presents basic commands that can be used as a springboard for subsequent commands, and the third examines more advanced situations, such as multi-dog environments, understanding and adapting to different personalities, and when to change the rules. It is perhaps best consulted before acquiring a dog, as the author includes advice on choosing the best “student.”

Readers should be forewarned that the book’s prose can be dense and convoluted, as in: “Employ the conformance approach as an immediate positive counterpoint to your use of avoidance and cessation techniques…” While it sometimes offers quick, direct advice, it often presents less concrete, more obscure ideas to ponder and consider.

Another drawback is the book’s lack of photos or visuals, which are essential for any dog training guide — not just for their heartwarming appeal, but to depict examples of dog/trainer interactions. Such visual interruptions would give readers, in this case, a much-needed break from the text-heavy presentation, as well as appeal to those who are visual learners.

Despite all, the author clearly knows his management techniques, and the book largely succeeds in its intention to offer those with managerial mindsets insight on how to apply their talents to dog training, as well as improve their overall leadership skills. For this niche audience willing to invest significant time with this book, it offers a thorough and thought-provoking read.

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