Diamond’s Fate

Angie Singleton

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This intriguing novel relates the hardships and joys in the life of Diamond Pearl Hope, a biracial reporter living in Florida. Born to a white father and African-American mother, Diamond moves to her grandmother’s home after her mother’s death. Her aunts and cousins, also living with her, frequently torment her over her light skin and interracial heritage. After her grandmother’s horrific death, a white couple adopts Diamond, and she experiences life on the other side of the color line. After discovering and reconciling with her biological father, she becomes a reporter specializing in domestic abuse cases.

Diamond discovers firsthand the difficulties of the legal system after she is arrested for assaulting her husband during a drunken altercation. Struggling to put her life back in order, she finds strength in her Christian faith and the love of her family and friends. In the end, she not only wins an award for her investigative work, but she also manages to make peace with those family members who hurt her in the past, joining her black and white lives together in a joyful celebration.

Written in a distinctive voice, Diamond’s Fate conjures up the recent past with telling details, including references to popular music, movies and television shows, and important events such as the O.J. Simpson trial. While the book contains some elements not typical in most novels (such as the author’s personal photo album, included in the back of the book) and at times the author italicizes words in a seemingly random way, the story and characters are compelling enough to make for an enjoyable and enlightening read, despite these idiosyncrasies. Readers interested in Christian and inspirational novels will appreciate this tale of struggle and triumph, as will those who are curious about the unique challenges faced by biracial children.

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