Dialogue with the Self: Unlocking the Door to Your Trueself

Wahab Owolawi Ph.D

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Dialogue With the Self is just that: a conversation between two aspects of one person presented as a short play. “Operosus (Self)” and “self” speak for the physical and spiritual sides of a person, and while there’s no setting named, it may well be taking place in a bookstore; quotes from inspirational literature are found on every page and occasionally overshadow the conversation.

The story is difficult to follow, ranging from topics such as meditation to the nature of illusion and other esoterica. Here’s a sample:

Operosus (Self): … In Hinduism, we are told, ‘God bides hidden in the hearts of all.’

“I hope these references are convincing enough. self can’t help but take a very deep breath!

self: Umm! Interesting indeed! But how long does it take for one to merge with the so-called awakened-self?

Operosus (Self): Within the time domain, it’s instant. What is required is NOW. It’s neither too late nor too early. There’s no better time than NOW.

self: Why the emphasis on now? Has a sense of timing gone extinct, can’t it wait till tomorrow or in one’s old age?

Laughter by Operosus! ”

The writing is confusing and the interchange rarely sounds like an actual conversation. Author Wahab Owolawi often has “self” pose a question to “Self,” which is then answered with a quote from Marianne Williamson, Oprah Winfrey, James Redfield, Rhonda Byrne, Deepak Chopra, the Bible or Wikipedia, among other sources. It’s less a matter of the spiritual self being enlightened than having a well-used library card and a quote at the ready.

A few well-chosen quotes could work nicely in a book like this, but the notion that one’s higher self needs to look up information on Wikipedia or flip through O: The Oprah Magazine drags the mysticism back to earth in a hurry. The idea of an interior discussion of spiritual matters is appealing, but this book fails to tap its full potential.

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