Dear P.S. Pooch

Karl K. Stevens, Ph.D.

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This is a lighthearted book “written” in the style of a newspaper advice column by a pair of Yorkshire Terriers who use the moniker “P.S. Pooch.” The terriers respond to questions from other four-legged “readers.” Divided into sections such as “Family and Friends,” “Cats,” and “Entertainment,” the questions posed address topics that might be of interest or concern to an animal, generally dogs or cats.

“The cat I live with is snooty and is constantly telling me how great felines are. Can you help me with a snappy comeback?” reads one letter, signed by “Needs Help in Nebraska.” P.S. Pooch suggests that “Nebraska” wow the snooty feline with stories of famous canines, such as Boris, the Russian wolfhound who “was able to train his pet person, Ivan Pavlov, to ring a bell and bring him food whenever he salivated.”

One particularly heartwarming list written by a “pet person,” as P.S. Pooch prefers people to be called, details all that he might have missed without his puppies. There are also poems and the occasional bit of practical advice. In one letter, a pooch named Orville writes: “I love popcorn, but my pet person says it is bad for me and won’t let me have any. Is this true?” The answer: “Sad but true. Most popcorn is bad for canines…”

It’s all delivered lightly, but nonetheless could be potentially lifesaving, such as an item regarding the dangers of dogs eating grass treated with insecticides. While ostensibly addressed to pooches, human readers who take the advice to heart will be better able to protect their pets.

Occasionally, P.S. Pooch offers answers meant to be humorous that miss the mark, but overall, the book should earn a grin from animal lovers. It would make a nice addition to a veterinarian’s waiting room or any such place where a brief, light read would be welcome.

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