Dare to Dream

Yvonne Whittal

Publisher: Trafford Pages: 392 Price: (paperback) $21.55 ISBN: 9781466933019 Reviewed: September, 2012 Author Website: Visit »

Yvonne Whittal’s romance novel, Dare to Dream, begins with a flashback to tragedy. Five years ago, Jenna Reeves’ husband, Clive, died in her arms from a gunshot wound. The horrific images of that day still haunt Jenna in her nightmares.

In the years after Clive’s death, Jenna has relocated to Cape Town and become a successful journalist. She is focused completely on her job, leaving little time for her personal life. Long hours and constant deadlines have worn her down, physically and mentally. Her immediate boss and close friend, Larry Corbett, insists she take a holiday to regain her strength.

Looking for peace and quiet, Jenna accepts her Aunt Alice’s offer to holiday in her cottage on the wine farm where she is employed. It is here at Bon Esperance that Jenna first meets the handsome and mysterious Robert Rousseau, scientist, professor, and owner of the estate. Jenna and Robert are immediately faced with a strong chemistry that neither can deny. However, they are each haunted by events of their pasts and hold very different views of what they would like for their futures. As their attraction grows and strengthens, Jenna and Robert must decide if they are willing to change who they are, for the chance at having something more.

The author has created an engaging romance, complete with sizzling sexual tension, heartbreaking sadness, and moments of joy and ecstasy. The primary characters in the book are strong personalities, relatable, and sufficiently intriguing. The story is well written and flows easily. In some instances, however, the story is a bit repetitive. For example, Robert is described more than necessary as “dangerous” and Jenna’s disregard for her health is touched on too often.

Overall, though, Dare To Dream is a very readable and stirring romance, complete with mystery, emotion, a breathtaking climax, and the satisfying conclusion that readers desire in a romance novel.

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