Creative Mindpower Techniques

Frank Lea

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Frank W. Lea’s self-help primer offers an overview of what hypnosis is and what it can achieve, as well as numerous techniques for successfully reaching the subconscious. Hypnosis, he says, can help the body heal from injury; help someone to perform better in sports, public speaking and test taking; ease labor and childbirth; and help eradicate numerous neuroses and phobias. He adds details and case histories from his own experiences as a professional hypnotherapist, during which, he says, he successfully healed hundreds of clients.

Creative Mindpower Techniques is clearly written, save for some minor spelling, editing and word-use errors. It begins with a detailed explanation of how to communicate with the subconscious, which Lea says is like “talking to a four year old child or someone like Doctor Spok (sic) . . .” The balance of the book offers easily understandable, step-by-step hypnosis techniques, with a clear warning to readers to first have a medical exam and to know that “distressing and stressful experiences can occur with the release or recall of memories.”

Lea says he condensed this guide from an unnamed international professional training manual that sold for $1,995, and also offers several testimonials in the opening pages from clients regarding his personal skills and professionalism. He notes that he has diplomas in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and advanced stage hypnotism and certificates in counseling skills and advanced psychosexual therapy, and is a patron and chief advisor to the Institute of Hypnotherapy and Energy Sciences (India).

The author suggests that someone with a good understanding of his book could begin a career as a hypnotherapist. Given his own extensive training, that seems a stretch.
In short, while this book may not be a quick path to a new career, it offers comprehensive information and techniques for anyone looking for self-improvement.

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