Counseling Issues

George Seber

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The bulk of books on psychological disorders are in the self-help genre, not meant for practitioners. Books for psychologists and counselors tend toward the academic, often making for heavy reading in the extreme.

Enter New Zealander George Seber, an emeritus professor of statistics at Auckland University and author of 15 books on statistics. Now engaged in a post-retirement career as a psychotherapist, in which he has focused on counseling couples for ten years, he offers a comprehensive guide to personality disorders and emotional and relationship issues that counselors and psychotherapists are likely to encounter in their practices.

Seber organizes this hefty tome in broad, intuitive categories, such as “Anger,” “Guilt and Shame,” “Stress” and “Compulsive Disorders.” He offers background on each topic, diagnostic criteria, likely socio-cultural factors, helpful, up-to-date talk therapy guidance and more. Never overblown, the book offers just enough depth to help practitioners do their jobs.

While long and encyclopedic, the book is simple to navigate and highly strategic; one typically needs to read less than ten pages to understand Seber’s suggested (and well-referenced) ways to help a client. The precision and breadth of information, as well as the ease of reading are a combination that would thrill any therapist. The author concludes each chapter with thoughtful Biblical perspectives to offer Christian counselors or practitioners wishing to suggest situation-specific Bible verses to help their Christian clients. Twenty-five pages of references round out this salient guide.

Self-publishing such a wonderful resource for his industry was a risky financial move, since it can be difficult to market independent books in industries dominated by large, academically-oriented publishing companies, but Seber clearly knows what he’s doing. Professional counselors and psychotherapists, especially those new to the field, should find this book indispensable.

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