Could it be Possible?

Trevor Anton

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In his book Could It Be Possible?, author Trevor Anton reflects on foundational writings of both Christianity and Hinduism, particularly those regarding meditation. A lifelong Roman Catholic and 30-year practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, Anton also offers readers his own personal history and experiences with meditation.

Anton begins with a close scrutiny of the Lord’s Prayer, particularly two lines: “Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” and “Give us this day our daily bread.” Heaven is what we call God’s dwelling place, Anton observes, and if God is everywhere, then so too is heaven. He then proposes that the daily nourishment we pray for need not be merely physical — but also spiritual, in order to help create heaven on earth. Shifting his focus, Anton discusses the laws of nature, which are “operating everywhere, effortlessly.” “Could it be possible,” he writes, “that there is an automatic way of developing ourselves and so experiencing God?”

His answer: Transcendental Meditation. People who meditate, Anton notes, whether religious or not, reach deeper levels of consciousness, shed stress, gain happiness, and ultimately achieve enlightenment. In doing so, they bring heaven a little closer to earth.

Anton devotes the remainder of Could It Be Possible? to excerpts from key writings about meditation from both the Christian and Hindu traditions, as well as his reflections on Jesus’ teachings as presented in the Christian gospels. Although Anton’s prose is readable and his observations sound, there are many thoughts and far too little structure to them. Too much of the hard work of comparing and contrasting these writings is left to readers. Extended passages read more like notes toward a future book than a finished product.

Those interested in Eastern and/or Western ideas about meditation might find this a good place to find key writings on the subject. This is ambitious material, however, and too much of the job of figuring out what it all means is left to readers.

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