Cosmic Xing

Kor Gable

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Carlos Castaneda’s pivotal work The Teachings of Don Juan, arguably the bible of shamanic wisdom, was written while the author was serving as an apprentice with Don Juan Matus, a Yaqui Indian from northern Mexico. Now there’s Kor Gable, an artist and musician who is also drawn to shamanic teachings. But unlike Castaneda, who focused solely on his unique personal journey, Gable explores a wildly diverse range of spiritual and not-so spiritual practices. What makes the author’s work noteworthy is his ability to integrate multitudinous material in comprehensive, practical, and compelling language – not an easy task when it comes to the deep meaning behind esoteric teachings.

Gable’s impressive range covers meditation, extra-planetary possibilities, the power of the Pyramids, Sigmund Freud and the so-called “demise of psychiatry,” the pitfalls of allopathic medicine, dream states, healing circles, various biblical references, quantum physics, and dozens of other intriguing topics. His writing is simple and meticulously constructed, yet the meaning behind his simple presentation is often extraordinarily complex. A good example is this explanation of the theory of quantum physics: “Quantum physics states that an event cannot exist without an observer, and furthermore, that an observer’s expectations will influence and alter an event’s behavior.” Or this seemingly simple affirmation on patience: “It is not the waiting that creates impatience, but impatience that creates the waiting.”

Readers who want to get the most from Gable will need to make a commitment to stay open and focused; those researching a particular subject may find the going tough. Although there’s a table of contents, the titles of the sections are often more poetic than descriptive. A sampling includes: “That which is skyward,” Crystal fire” or “Now what?” A comprehensive index would have been helpful. That said, for seekers of the esoteric, crossing into Cosmic Xing’s territory is an illuminating trip worth taking — no matter how surprising or winding it may be.

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