Circles, The Trilogy: Book 1 — Damaged Goods

Veronica O'Leary

Publisher: Trafford Pages: 359 Price: (paperback) $21.94 ISBN: 9781466980402 Reviewed: November, 2013 Author Website: Visit »

Book 1: Damaged Goods, is intended as the first part of the Circles Trilogy. The novel focuses on a married couple, Princeton and Tallulah, two physically flawless, creative types who excel at everything. They enjoy a fairy tale romance, in which they get tattoos honoring each other, support one another’s careers and artistic inspirations, and engage in wildly passionate sexual encounters.

All outsiders suffer feelings of envy and lust when they watch this perfect couple. As for Tallulah: “Although she was use [sic] to the attention, she hardly ever responded.” Princeton is even more of a rarity: “He was ripped, and his defined biceps and large pecks [sic] hinted a view [sic] in most of his shirts. So like him, he never flaunted his package, quite the contrary, keeping it sacred for the chosen few.” The superficial beauty of these characters and their endless talents are described repeatedly in exhausting detail.

Tallulah’s mother, Victoria, who’s also preternaturally beautiful, religious, and creative, hovers nearby, offering sage wisdom and unconditional love. Victoria had a challenging past, but “subconscientiously, [sic] she justified it by believing this was God’s plan.” The entire family’s faith in God is tested when a devastating car accident and dangerous secret change their lives forever.

Though the book’s back cover claims “you will be SHOCKED by the disturbing chain of events that close this chapter of their life,” most people who read the classics, go to movies, or watch television will likely only register mild surprise at the plot twist. In fact, the story (told largely through expository writing) seems like merely a lengthy and repetitive teaser leading to the plot twist.

This book could be improved by the author showing more and telling less, deleting similar passages, and editing wrong word choices and misspelled words. Even with these flaws, however, some readers may enjoy the strong religious faith of the characters and continue to the promised shock.

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