Chubby Wubbles

M.J. Abrams

Publisher: Trafford Pages: NULL Price: (paperback) $10.95 ISBN: 9781412072946 Reviewed: November, 2013 Author Website: Visit »

Through Chubby Wubbles, readers learn best practices for taking care of pet ferrets while also following the story of a young ferret who escapes from home and must be rescued from a local park.

Chubby Wubbles opens with a ferret owner who, caught up with life and work, decides to give the pet to his younger brother. The brother is only too happy to oblige, and the book becomes a kind of manifesto for ferret care, advising the upkeep of fresh water, outdoor walks on leashes, and daily play sessions. In the last few pages, Chubby Wubbles sneaks through an open door, leaving behind the good life for a new adventure. When he tries to befriend a gaggle of mother geese, however, his owner swoops in to rescue him before the defensive birds attack.

While the author’s love of ferrets is evident, Chubby Wubbles is not quite comprehensive or authoritative enough to serve as a truly workable guide for ferret care. And apart from the ferret’s brief lament of neglect under his first owner, the story also lacks conflict until the very end, making it less than engaging if read purely for the yarn.

Though ferret fans might enjoy the lengthy descriptions of Chubby Wubbles at play, the accompanying photographs are too often out of focus, feature suboptimal contrast, and primarily depict a ferret lounging on beige carpet.

Teaching children to care for a pet is a commendable undertaking—and Chubby Wubbles has clearly been written with much admiration for ferrets—but the book’s storytelling and photographs never quite seal the deal.

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