Changing Your Equation: Moving Toward Your Ideal Future

Roe and Don Polczynski, Jr.

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In Changing your Equation: Moving toward Your Ideal Future, Roe and Don Polczynski, Jr. begin with a personal revelation: In order to achieve more of their life goals, they would have to change their path in life. While that realization isn’t unique, the “energy from that epiphany was hard to contain,” they write. Using that insight as fuel, the duo created the logical, insightful formula detailed in this book.

The authors describe three broad factors readers need to consider to enable them to move toward their ideal future: life elements (relationships; values and ethics; education/lifelong learning; finances; career); realities (a realistic portrayal of their potential; a realistic understanding of others around them and what it truly means to be a leader);  and change agents (becoming their own entrepreneurs; choosing between negativity or riding the tide of growth; following financial stepping stones, and so on).

The Polczynskis guide readers through each of these factors and sub-factors, providing useful anecdotes and practical exercises. For example, in the “life elements” section, the authors suggest readers list the five people closest to them, presuming that their lives will continue to head in the direction they have been going. How positive or negative is this list? In the “realities” section, they help readers take an inner selfie. Through this process, readers “realistically determine how far the frontiers can be pushed and where the true boundaries lie.”

The last step, they note, is to “employ change agents that are designed to put your plans into action.” The steps described are neither fast nor easy to complete, but wholehearted participation would almost certainly create momentum for positive, customized change.

This is a compelling book, hampered only by the tiny size and quality of the diagrams and other visual elements included, which are challenging to read. Readers who are committed to reaching life goals will find that this book provides an excellent step-by-step process.

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