Caught in a Flap!

Des Parunia

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After reading Dr. Des Parunia’s life story, American women will most likely be grateful that an entire ocean separates them from the examining table of this hard-partying English gynecologist.

For reasons he doesn’t explain, Parunia writes that although the book is about his experiences, “I have decided to conceal my identity and call myself quite simply, Mikey James.” The reader is introduced to Mikey when he is a teenager in Rhodesia. Parunia focuses on girls Mikey’s interested in, drinking sessions with friends and long descriptions of motorcycles Mikey lusts after.

The topics remain much the same when Mikey moves to England to attend medical school. He rarely lets studying get in the way of his drinking and womanizing, and is consequently amazed when he passes his medical exams. Mikey’s partying continues throughout his career; Parunia writes that even in his 50s, “when I am not on duty, I am well over the drink/drive limit until proven otherwise!”

If the image of a hungover gynecologist wielding a speculum doesn’t scare off most readers, Parunia’s descriptions of patients (who he says are fictitious) likely will. While some of the stories are mildly amusing, many are disturbingly bigoted. In particular, Mikey ridicules cockney, gypsy, mentally ill and obese patients. “ … a scraggy old duck comes in with her obese, middle-aged equally round scruffy-looking daughter …” is a typical description.

Some passages are so appalling that the reader may suspect the book is a satire. If that’s the case, it lacks one of the main elements necessary: humor. Overall, it’s difficult to determine who this book is written for, considering that responsible doctors, patients and women in general are unlikely to relate to Parunia’s reminiscences.

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