Buried Threads

Kaylin McFarren

Publisher: Creative Edge Publishing Pages: 364 Price: (paperback) $14.95 ISBN: 9781492120469 Reviewed: August, 2019 Author Website: Visit »

A dangerous treasure hunt is the background to an intense, nail-biting romantic thriller in Kaylin McFarren’s Buried Threads.

As “salvage experts,” more commonly known as treasure hunters, romantic and professional partners Rachel and Chase have been tasked with recovering a priceless Japanese artifact. But no amount of experience or research can prepare them for them their upcoming expedition. The item in question is more valuable than could be imagined, and recovering it will take them on an unpredictable thrill ride on par with the best Indiana Jones adventures.

While the story swirls with diverse characters, supernatural elements, and family drama, Rachel and Chase, and their relationship, serve as a necessary touchstone. The number of characters can become overwhelming and even confusing, particularly as members of the Japanese Yakuza and their connections are rapidly introduced. However, as the story progresses and the “threads” of each related character begin to intertwine to create a rich tapestry, each individual’s purpose becomes clear. Throughout the journey, it is the intense chemistry and complex relationship and romance between Rachel and Chase that truly carries the story. To satisfy romance readers, the author crafts well-written, explicit, but tastefully erotic sex scenes.

The plot contains enough thrills to keep readers breathlessly turning pages. The treasure hunting scenes, complete with tense underwater diving excursions and booby-trapped archaeological sites, are well executed and are sure to satisfy and engage suspense fans. Perhaps the strongest element of the plot is the integration of Japanese culture and lore. It provides a backdrop for the story and aids in the use of supernatural elements that could have otherwise felt disjointed. It’s obvious that the author has employed extensive research to ensure that the culture surrounding the treasure hunt feels completely authentic.

By integrating culture, history, family dynamics, and supernatural elements, the author has extended this story’s reach and accessibility beyond a narrow genre. Buried Threads is a successful and well-realized story that will appeal to romantic thriller fans — and many others.

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