Brayden the Great Warrior

John Livingston

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Brayden learns what it takes to become a great warrior in this touching, faith-based children’s picture book.

While playing in a fort he made on the beach one day, Brayden declares himself a “great warrior.” But then he realizes: “I don’t have a sword. I don’t have a shield. I don’t have armor,” and he wonders, “How do I become a great warrior?” He asks his father, who lovingly responds that “all great warriors must have, first of all, a great heart.” Great warriors also pray and “listen to the Voice Within,” which is that of the Holy Spirit.

The father explains the concept of prayer and the Holy Spirit in simple terms, and the story concludes with the father summing up the book’s lesson: “So listen to the Voice Within and pray. Then, you will be well on your way to becoming Brayden the great warrior.”

Livingston captures a tender moment between father and son in this story aimed at helping children learn Christian principles. The book encourages children to listen to their inner moral compass “telling us how to do right and protecting us from doing wrong” and also teaches them simple steps for prayer.

Livingston’s message is for all children, but its warrior theme and father/son characterization will likely appeal more to young boys. Livingston’s wife, Lynn, created illustrations in colors that convey a day at the beach. The images are simple, rather than busy, thus lending a calm feel to the book. However, the repetition of some pictures on multiple pages seems like a missed opportunity, and children are certain to notice the absence of a fort on the opening spread.

Missing quotation marks give the book a slightly unpolished feel. And devout Christian parents and caregivers might wish for some scripture references to support the book’s themes.

Still, for those introducing children to prayer and innate moral direction, Livingston’s contribution is sure to be a useful conversation starter.

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