Brass Tacks Christianity and Beyond!

Roger L. Bradley

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Roger L. Bradley breaks down the essentials of true Christianity in his no-nonsense book Brass Tacks Christianity and Beyond! The volume is a compilation of insightful writings, written by a man who wastes no words but gets straight to the meat of the message.

Bradley, the youngest of eight, was raised in a godly home. As an adult, he served as a Baptist minister, licensed marriage and family therapist, and completed a 20-year tour of duty as a chaplain officer in the United States Army. From a lifetime of ministry, Bradley found that Christians and non-Christians alike “needed creditable tools…from which to draw strength and spiritual vitality for daily living.”

He began writing essays that would biblically answer some of the basic questions and needs we all face in life. Topics include: God’s perspective on anxiety; the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; what it really means to “blaspheme the Holy Spirit”; a line-by-line breakdown of the 23rd Psalm; unity; loneliness, and more. Bradley never wanders off topic or fills pages with vague, fluffy ideas. The information is concise, insightful and fresh.

The book features many wonderful aspects. For one, it can be read in any order, as each chapter stands alone. Bradley also sprinkles in interesting, vivid stories from his chaplain days to reinforce his messages. For instance, he shares how he overcame the crippling fears of living in a hole in the ground for six months in the heat of battle during the Vietnam War by putting his faith in the 23rd Psalm. In a chapter on teamwork, Bradley offers his account of working with the Republic of Korea Army trying to find common ground from which to build trust and battle plans.

Whether you are a curious non-believer or a new or seasoned Christian, this book is sure to enlighten you with greater understanding of the bare bones, brass tacks essentials of true Christianity.

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