Boundless Prosperity Prayer Book

Reverend Ricardo Felix

Publisher: WestBow Press Pages: 164 Price: (paperback) $13.95 ISBN: 9781973677345 Reviewed: April, 2020 Author Website: Visit »

Boundless Prosperity Prayer Book aims to help readers discover how to live a “rich and godly” life through consistent praying.

Haitian-born author, Reverend Ricardo Felix, defines prayer as a way to make requests, express thankfulness, and praise God, resulting in “a good, holy, and faithful relationship with God.” He also details 12 characteristics of prayer and presents 192 prayers inspired by the Scriptures (Genesis through Revelations), divided into 24 “daily sets” (12 for morning; 12 for evening).

It’s obvious that Felix values prayer: The author notes that he comes from “a devoted Christian family” and was miraculously healed of a condition “that made me very slow to do my work” while typing the prayers in the book. (“I heard a noise in my brain; it was as if a heavy weight came off my head. I was then able to speed up my typing very remarkably…”) He claims “the Holy Spirit” guided him to write the book.

However, while he explains his approach sufficiently, he can seem presumptuous: for example, his bold assertion that the “prayers in this book are in perfect accord with the Word of God and his will.” He also boldly asserts that praying this way will result in success, both spiritually and financially.

Felix complicates the idea of praying with his sets, numbers and explanations, and he shares his prayers, seemingly without a systematic approach to the Word: Prayer Set 71 is from Psalm 36, while Set 72 is from Revelation. Some sets have multiple references within them: Set 9 is from Psalm 4, Luke 1, and Psalm 34. Additionally, he’s repetitive, asking for the same things over and over: obedience, strength to overcome the enemy, and humility in service, for instance.

The book may be helpful for new believers as they search for their own way forward in understanding how to pray, but, due to the issues mentioned, it’s unlikely to appeal to Christian readers at large.

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