Body Space of the Inner Man

Johnny L. Graves

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“A kingdom is seized from within,” writes Johnny L. Graves in his esoteric book, Body Space of the Inner Man. The realm he is referring to is that which is spoken of in the Gospels when Jesus proclaims that the kingdom of God doesn’t exist on the outside, but on the inside. What was Jesus referring to? Was he speaking metaphorically? Did he mean the soul? Was it the Holy Spirit?

These questions have fired the hearts of thinkers and writers for centuries. Graves, a minister and musician, feels the heat of such questions and looks not to quench the flames but to warm us with his insights about the invisible world of the spirit, creativity, the need for awareness and the transformation necessary for a shift in personal and global consciousness. At the center of all of this is a struggle between the will and desire. Our problems exist, Graves contests, when one is outbalancing the other: “to be successful in this warfare one must be able to discern both good and evil within his own mind.” Without this self-knowledge and the ability to direct one’s thoughts and soul in a positive way, the repercussions can be caustic.

Philosophical in tone, Graves’ book makes for interesting reading. His prose has an energetic, jazz-like, stream-of-consciousness feel to it that can be reminiscent of the 1960’s American philosopher Vernon Howard.

However, the book is in need of a seasoned editor to help him flesh out some of his ideas in more detail and to more effectively connect some of his thoughts on the role of spirit and the human will in relation to the subconscious and conscious minds. Moreover, the book needs copy editing to correct a number of grammatical mistakes and typographical errors.

Body Space of the Inner Man is a quick read. Those interested in what esotericist Richard Smoley calls “Inner Christianity” will find a kindred spirit in Graves.

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