Body Connection

T. L. Fraser

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In Body Connection, the author, a college professor and motivational speaker, combines well-established theories of metaphysical thought with his own version of achieving “self-mastery,” his term for spiritual enlightenment and the complete acceptance of self.

Body Connection unites four higher selves (concept, esteem, awareness, disclosure) with four lower parts (physical, emotional, mental, etheric) and four elements (earth, water, air, fire) to achieve the 4-4-4 balance. In addition to 12 chapters explaining this connection, the book provides 16 chapters that include personal accounts of the author’s experiences with astral projection and Silva mind control, and more general descriptions of subjects such as spiritual law and culture’s effect on the four selves.

The disclaimer, “There is nothing new in any of these pages” rings true. Statements such as “Let go and let God” and “I AM THAT I AM,” and explanations of chakras, auras, Christ consciousness, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiments, and Georg Hegel’s thesis-antithesis-synthesis theory may be familiar to advanced students of metaphysics. The theories explored here have been examined previously in books by Dr. Wayne Dyer and Abraham-Hicks, among others, and in documentary films, including What the Bleep Do We Know? and The Secret.

Newcomers, however, will be exposed to a variety of interesting ideas. Illustrations, photographs, end notes, bibliography, and an index add to the book’s value.

Generally articulate, Body Connection occasionally has overly long sentences adding unnecessary complexity: “Therefore, we should not and cannot dismiss or discard science, the senses, or the imagination but must utilize all three in concert, for each gives a separate and distinct perspective of reality and, collectively, a much more reliable view and broader vista of perception.”

In addition, some syntax, grammatical, and spelling mistakes (“Once information is allowed pass our filters,” “the studio audience were enthralled,” “it’s purpose not to tell,” etc.) feel jarring among the philosophical ideas in this scholarly text.

Despite such missteps, Body Connection provides a helpful compilation of current metaphysical thought.

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