Being Better Than You Believe

Philip Berry

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Have the highlighter handy. One indication of a good self-help book is the amount of passages readers find thought-provoking enough to mark for future reference. Being Better Than You Believe has plenty.

Philip A. Berry’s advice is gleaned from his career as a “human capital improvement” leader and executive at companies such as Colgate-Palmolive and Proctor & Gamble. It includes many sensible and doable calls-to-action for anyone wanting to increase his or her personal or professional potential. From thinking differently about how to get one’s needs met and achieve success to embarking on a personal rebranding campaign in order to identify distinctive competencies and improve self identity, Berry challenges readers to let go of preconceived stumbling blocks to growth.

Each chapter starts with a famous quote and ends with questions to help forge new personal and career directions, for example: “What area of my life needs to change to bring me more fulfillment? Identify three things you need to do to bring this change about.” Berry lightens the drudgery of self-examination with examples of struggles and revelations from such well-known people as Joy Behar and Martin Luther King Jr. He accompanies rah-rah words like, “You need to believe you can achieve what you want to achieve,” with practical ways for readers to assess the situation, understand opportunities and construct a strategy to be, as stated in the title, “better than you believe. “

Berry’s recommendations will help readers acknowledge ruts and move forward. “There’s no magic formula,” he writes. “Addressing certain questions gets you closer to what you want.” Ultimately, readers will realize it’s up to them to devote the time to practice these useful self-improvement tools.

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