Banished Threads

Kaylin McFarren

Publisher: Creative Edge Publishing Pages: 258 Price: (paperback) $9.95 ISBN: 9781518806919 Reviewed: August, 2019 Author Website: Visit »

Romantic suspense blends easily with family intrigue in Kaylin McFarren’s Banished Threads, the third book in the Threads series.

Even as they attempt a vacation, engaged couple Rachel Lyons and Chase Cohen can’t seem to stay away from dangerous situations. Now that Rachel is pregnant, Rachel and Chase have retreated to Cumberforge Manor in England, seeking the marital blessing of Rachel’s wealthy uncle, Paul Lyons, who disapproves of their union. An already tense situation takes an unexpected turn when an art heist results in the theft of priceless paintings. Rachel and Chase must find the thief to clear the name of Paul’s step-granddaughter, who falls under suspicion for the theft. However, a mysterious art heist is just the beginning of the twisty family drama that uncovers multiple secrets and puts multiple lives in peril.

Though knowledge of the previous books is unnecessary to enjoy or understand Banished Threads, readers of McFarren’s Threads series will recognize Rachel and Chase’s complex, multi-dimensional romance, which continues to be the driving force through complicated plot lines and character motivations.

Sometimes, the deeper exploration of Rachel’s family history and lore threatens to overwhelm readers. McFarren successfully manages multiple threads and eventually they form a recognizable pattern, but the journey requires a fair amount of concentration and suspension of disbelief.

This aside, the author delivers a story beyond a typical romantic suspense novel. Her attention to detail brings this family and their connections to life. Satisfying pacing sets the scene before fully immersing readers into an intense, dangerous thrill-ride that provides little breathing room leading up to the unexpected climax. Rachel and Chase deliver as always, even as this particular installment finds their relationship somewhat more nuanced and their usual banter slightly darker, as the threats to their relationship, and even their lives, become greater.

Banished Threads easily stands alone in this series. While romantic suspense fans are sure to enjoy it, the story will also appeal to fans of mystery, suspense, and family sagas.

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