American Business and Investment Visas

J. Le Vaughn and Dr. H. C. La Vaughn

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With a bewildering array of regulations and visa types, the prospect of making an investment inside the United States can be intimidating for foreign citizens. J. Le Vaughn and Dr. H.C. La Vaughn’s book American Business and Investment Visas simplifies the process by laying out the necessary information in clear, easy-to-understand passages.

J. Le Vaughn, CPA, and his writing partner, H.C La Vaughn, PhD, have extensive relevant experience: Their previous book, Visas Without Fear – US Immigration Unveiled, concentrated on the U.S. immigration system. American Business and Investment Visas focuses on helping foreigners who not only wish to immigrate, but also seek to invest in a business within the U.S.

Some of the book’s content is similar to standard U.S. guides that advise readers on how to conduct due diligence and value a business, but the authors have a unique expertise in how these practices should be conducted by foreign persons. Advice on how to structure the investment and hire a professionals, such as attorneys, accountants, financial planners and so on —in addition to the details of and differences between various visa options—are essential information for foreign investors.

The authors provide occasional “TIPS,” which offer even plainer advice on do’s and don’ts of the process. For instance, when discussing “Troubled Businesses” (an official designation for businesses that qualify), the authors offer a warning note regarding the number of employees the business must keep in place after being acquired — advice that could mean the difference between meeting the conditions of the Immigrant Investor Visa, or not: “TIP-To be approved, at least ten jobs must be maintained.”

Frequent references to the authors’ first book are a minor annoyance; no doubt reading it would prove valuable, but the reminders make American Business and Investment Visas feel less like a stand-alone book and more like one half of a whole. Still, American Business and Investment Visas is an indispensible guide for any foreigner interested in doing business in America.

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