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The Kite

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This first installment of a projected five-book saga is essentially an intimate spiritual journey of self-discovery veiled as an epic science fiction adventure.

Ai lives in the city of Mei on the planet Oran in Galaxy 22, a place where those faithful to Eoah (the Creator) can live forever. The planet has two cities — the peaceful Mei and the hedonistic city of Xie, which is ruled by Zoar, “the most evil inhabitant” in the galaxy. Ai spends her time discipling by traveling to the evil city and encouraging people to relocate to Mei. But because of the prolonged exposure to temptation — and knowledge that is not readily accessible in Mei — Ai begins to see the world, and herself, through a different light.

Although the main plotline revolves around Ai and her journey to find herself, the narrative contains some universally powerful motifs: “If ever you are in a position to extend yourself to help beings in your community do not let it pass. It could be the most rewarding part of your life…”

But while the premise of this story verges on visionary at times — particularly the author’s idea of redesign/reincarnation — any momentum it has going for it is destroyed by the countless spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Instead of a spiritually profound, thought-provoking literary experience, readers will find themselves trudging through a frustrating minefield of grammatical mistakes.

If this novel had been edited properly, the potential existed for a thematically compelling, deeply spiritual science fiction read comparable to A Case of Conscience by James Blish (1958), The Godmakers by Frank Herbert (1972), and others. But instead of discovering spiritual enlightenment, all most readers will find is existential irritation at having to plod through a novel that appears not to have been edited or proofread. This excerpt is fitting as a summation: “Get out of hear…”

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