Affirmations for Each Day of the Year

Jesus Martinez

Publisher: Global Summit House Pages: 372 Price: (paperback) $ ISBN: 9781956736045 Reviewed: November, 2021

Author Jesus Martinez provides food for thought in this collection of daily affirmations.

Devotionals of this kind offer readers small chunks of often-profound ideas to consider and reconsider. The format commonly encourages a thoughtful routine written from a personal perspective. Authors sometimes address readers directly with encouraging words to follow their lead.

This work is based on Martinez’s New Age, universalism worldview, rather than a traditional Christian perspective. The author states: “I am the source of everything I need. I am a complete being. I have it all…I claim my rightful share of the Universe” and “People are neither good nor bad. They only have positive or negative mental patterns. We are all divine and perfect spiritual beings.” He asserts that by following his “three simple steps” (“perseverance, faith or positive attitude, and action”), readers can attain, through “an evolutionary process,” this same position of perfection.

While his spiritual commitment is undeniable, Martinez isn’t entirely successful with this offering. He repeats ideas in various iterations (our oneness with God; God as the provider, and so on), which becomes wearying. And readers may wish for a more compelling personal voice. Indeed, rather than intimate, the daily offerings are abstract (“God expresses Himself through me. I Am a divine expression”), and the book lacks an introduction, which could have oriented readers to the author’s personal world and perspective, making the daily entries more meaningful.

Additionally, the viewpoint jarringly shifts between an omniscient narrator giving instruction (“The only truth is God and His divine qualities.”) and a first-person voice speaking as the reader (“Thank you, God, for having created me and for loving me unconditionally…”) Sometimes, the two voices mix in one entry.

The book would benefit from a more personal touch and the elimination of writing issues. Still, those in agreement with the author’s universalism point of view may find this a helpful tool in re-enforcing and uplifting their daily thoughts.

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