Abandon Not My Soul: The Timothy House Chronicles, Book One

Sherye Simmons Green

Publisher: iUniverse Pages: 207 Price: (paperback) $15.95 ISBN: 9781491774090 Reviewed: February, 2016 Author Website: Visit »

In Abandon Not My Soul, a novel with Christian leanings, Abbie Richardson looks nearly perfect on the outside, yet what’s going on inside her is far from perfect.

Abbie’s husband Joe died suddenly four years previously, leaving Abbie to raise her teenage son Drew by herself. Even worse is the truth she learns about Joe upon his passing. Apparently, he’d had a secret gambling habit. He’d embezzled funds from his law firm as well as drained the family’s savings and Drew’s education fund dry. Fortunately, Abbie, an eighth-grade teacher at a private school, is a woman of faith and has a wonderful support network of friends who pray and guide her on her path toward healing.

Meanwhile, in a parallel story, Keith Haliday struggles after the loss of his whole family—a wife and two teenagers—after they were struck and killed by a drunk driver. Will his life somehow become intertwined with Abbie’s?

A sweet, if predictable story, Abandon Not My Soul features characters with very real struggles: Abbie has to remind herself to not let thoughts of Joe wreck her day. She also leans on several different friends for prayer and emotional support and must work through her fears before opening herself to a new relationship.

Author Sherye Simmons Green uses colorful verbs (“emanated,” “uttering,” “slamming,” “sloshing”) and sensory language to weave this simple story of healing and love. She also skillfully unwinds the tale, revealing just enough at a time — although a few more plot twists would have helped to engage her audience, since readers will easily predict the ending long before it arrives.

Nonetheless, the book’s positive qualities prevail. Readers who appreciate a straightforward tale with a hint of romance and characters who lean on prayer and faith should enjoy this book.

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